Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's 2 degrees out there

What I've learned from my students this week:
- "I was able to eat before I could walk."
- "Cereal, in most forms, is my favorite meal for several reasons including it's omnipresence..."
- "And I say I would gladly starve a baby cow to be different."
- "A Barbecue is a perfect manifestation of the ethos."
- "So, when I saw 12 packs of Tyson Country fried-steaks in the freezer at the Wal-mart, and a hefty sack of Idaho Spuds, I thought it was the perfect combination of tastes between the land roaming foods and vegetables."

and finally,

- "Pizza is a uniquely American dish in that the act of colonization is present in each sinful bite."

I had them doing an inclass writing thing about their favorite meals. To be fair, all these lines are removed form their context. They're a pretty sharp bunch.

Ok. So it's really cold out. But I have to go to the store and get butter, spices and wine. Also need to do the bakery thing. It also feels like the right day to put the engine hoist up on craigslist, and hopefully get rid of it. It's cold. Dudes are sitting around on the internet looking for engine hoists....right?

I'm gonna run errands, then stay in all day, read, write, and no freeze. Goals, baby. Goals.


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