Wednesday, January 9, 2008

For a Few Highlights More

Joshua, Alex Boswell and I toast in a new year:

From the City that Always Sleeps:

The Funky J. Godley:

After Drunk Poets Society on Monday, we strolled around the corner to Hodad's. Dig that burger. Dig that wild shake to the left:

The collaborative wonder of DJ Smudge and DJ Joemama, at Free Range last week:

Smudge was practicing for his set tonight at the Make/Out at the Red C Lounge, and gave me a quick lesson on Serato. Pretty much turns any mp3 you have into a piece of vinyl. I'm no expert on the wheels 'o steel, but he let me scratch up a cut for a minute, and it felt right to me. When I return to IL, I've got a few more bits of wax to send this way.

I leave SD tomorrow, arrive back in my studio at some unruly hour of Friday Morning.
Then we mentally prepare for AWP. You'll be there, right?


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