Thursday, January 10, 2008

From the Studio in IL

A plate from the legendary Pokez in Downtown:

The ever-sexy JoeStein, an old friend who is always thinking...even in this photo:

If the writing/teaching thing doesn't work out, my next career is chosen. With the cardigan on, they'll call me "El Professor."

Check out Rudy's latest box at El Cajon and Illinois:

DJ Joemama and I in front of Gallery 3353, my old house, and Joseph's constant home. Before I moved into this place in 2003, he was living in my apartment in 2001. This house has stories galore. Not right now....

It was a great trip to SD. As much as I loved being there, I found myself under the wonderful weather the majority of the time. I think I'm somewhat allergic to vacationing. Luckily, I can go back into my office tomorrow.

Send your love to SD, if you've got any to spare. Some of my best friends over in that corner of the world.

Can I get a "welcome home?"


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