Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Right Way

So I met Ms. Amy Güth up in Chicago few weeks back. Now I've been reading her highly entertaining blog and talking to her about the Fixx & typewriters. Figured it was a good time to order her Three Fallen Women...because being friends with a writer but not knowing their writing feels kinda stupid, especially if one considers his/herself a writer. (I started reading it while at work last night. It's pretty wild, vivid and has a distinct flavor (so far, burning) and flow (ointment), unless it all falls apart after page 19).

I ordered the book from So New Publishing, and these people know what's up. In the envelope was the book:

Hardcover. Unexpected. But a brown paperbag-esque dust jacket is quiet sexy.

With, and physically bigger than the book was this:

It's a giant anthology of work from 2ndHand with a screaming monkey on the cover.

As if that wasn't enough, they also gave me these:

Two little stickers promoting their press, with a crimson likeness of Ms. Güth.

Not only am I a fan of stickers to slap all over everything, but I'm just about inspired to use that design for a stencil to bomb Güth all over Chambana. More writers need stencils drawn from their mugs and taggin' up the block. After this one, maybe I'll make a Tyehimba Jess stencil. And then a Shanna Compton stencil. Doesn't the writing world need more gorilla-graf artists helping them promote?

Point is, when I order one thing, and get a bunch of things, that's the right way to get stuff. Until now, the only other place I got the same kind of swaggish love (and where I regularly say, with head-held-back gusto, "Eff you,!") was from NinjaTune & the good homies at Sleeping Giant. When you love a place enough to pay up, and they love you enough to give you more than you even asked for...that's a lotta love, baby.
Love. Baby.


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