Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Bloomsday!

An excuse to drink some Irish Whiskey and read Ulysses. I got a copy last year for $4 in a used store for just such an occasion. I haven't read the book through, but like to think I one day will. I like literary holidays...we can use a few more. Like Russell Edson Day. Or a week set aside to honor small presses.

Today is also the day my friends and I see Prairie Home up in Chicago. I never listened to it until I moved out to the Midwest, but I love it. I'm the kinda hip cat who spends Saturday evenings and nights listening to the radio. It's how I roll. On the rocks, pleaseandthankyou.

While up in town, I'm gonna try to pass a typewriter off to my new favorite blog-author (she writes books too, but I haven't read 'em yet).

Now, if you haven't yet, I suggest you eat your breakfast:


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