Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Rambling Guy

This is Ted & his new 1962 Rambler.

It's pretty vintage & sweet...

...but, of course, it needs work:

I've redone the connections to the fuel pump, and installed a lighter/charger that won't make fire/smoke (like the one that was in it, not grounded, that made a lot of fire and smoke when I tried it). It also needs a new horn relay (on order), a whole lotta interior work (on Laura), and your love (if you have a Rambler on the side of your house or behind a garage, I'll send you a list of parts I need, including door panels and floors).

Last summer I spent the time painting for people. This summer, I'm fixing cars (got motor mounts for a Civic on the menu this weekend, and a new MG project for another MFA).

Ted's is mostly blue, but here's a poem to mark the day (imagine it's actually about a 1962 Rambler):
Crimson Rambler by Carl Sandburg:

NOW that a crimson rambler
begins to crawl over the house
of our two lives—

Now that a red curve
winds across the shingles—

Now that hands
washed in early sunrises
climb and spill scarlet
on a white lattice weave—

Now that a loop of blood
is written on our roof
and reaching around a chimney—

How are the two lives of this house
to keep strong hands and strong hearts?

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