Friday, June 22, 2007

On The Mend

Feeling a little better today. One of my many dear friends brought me provisions today, including Ibuprofin, which I didn't think I needed on account of the large bottle of serious pain killers that lingers after the whole wisdom-teeth event a few months ago. I was scolded for not having practical medicines in my house, but also made a tasty "get well" soup that I was assured came from a grandmother. Tasty stuff.

I might feel a little better if I wasn't currently promoting a high body temperature, but I like to take a proactive role in the endeavors of my immune system. My sense is that I'll be tip-top by tomorrow morning, when I'll take out the '72 B with it's new rear breaks, newly secured exhaust, and tuned up valves. The old breaks had busted cylinders, so fluid was slowly leaking, so the pedal got all spongy, etc. Looked like this:

Sitting at home and resting for the past couple of days has me thinking: my mail service is way too slow...I'm waiting for two books and a movie (speaking of movies: Idiocracy - Awesome idea, horrible execution); why can't I pay HBO so I can watch Entourage straight from their website? Anyone know a good place on the internet I can just watch the show and not pay anyone?

Dad's on his way back to NY. Wish him a safe drive.


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