Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hot Book Art

Of the books I've seen lately, this one takes my cake:

The painting, by Steve Smock, stretches around to the back where there are no blurbs or any writing other than the upc, BOA logo and "Poetry $15.50." All fairly non-intrusive on the aesthetic, and I appreciate that kind of eye in book design.

As it happens, Smock runs Prime8media, a firm that's designed a few of BOA Edition's titles (including the layout of Edson's The Rooster's Wife, with cover art by the author). They've got this nasty habit of producing really great books...

Mind you, I haven't read Broken Hallelujahs yet, but I'm excited to, and I think it might be simply because of the cover. Have you ever seen a pinwheel flower, graffiti and an accordion player looking so peaceful together?

Don't get me wrong--there are a lot of really dope covers out there. I hope the publishers keep it up. If I'm gonna have books strewn out all over my place, I feel less inclined to feel messy and pick them up if they're also little pieces of stimulating visual art.


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