Friday, April 4, 2008

The Window

Meanwhile, all the Vespa parts have arrived.  To make the process a little more interesting, I'm taking bets on what happens first: a job offer, or my induction into a gang of mods.  

The endorsement for today goes to Mo-Tech in North East England.  These fine people stock the exact helmet I was looking for.  When I found it, the website couldn't take orders from the US.  I emailed, and the NEXT DAY, it was all set up.  Of course the exchange rate is a killer, but I'll blame our country's silly economic practices for that.  Ain't we a goofy bunch?  

Plans for the weekend:

- Get Vespa running.
- Drop the transmission from Ted's truck.
- Host the Bloof Tour, coming to the basement of Murphy's near you.  

Hell.  I might even drive to Bloomington tomorrow morning.


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