Saturday, April 12, 2008

What I Mean When I Say "Reading"

Graduate Reading today, fulfills part of the requirements to get the M.F.A.
Should be a good time. 

I can't think of a reading, or the idea of reading, without thinking of February 13th, 2004.  The whole family was there.  A few photos from that night:

A Poem by Russell Edson:

The Academic Sigh

     Some students were stretching a professor on a medieval torture rack.  He had offered himself to show them how an academic might be streched beyond his wildest dreams like a piece of chewing gum.  
     And as they turned the wheel the professor was getting longer and longer.
     Don't make me too long, or I'll look kind of goofy, sighed the professor as he grew longer and longer.

     Suddenly something snaps.
     What happened? sighs the professor from the rack.
    We were just stretching an academic when suddenly something snapped; you may have heard it...
     Yes, I was there.  Don't you remember? sighs the professor.
     And then we heard an academic sigh...
     Yes, I heard it, too, sighs the professor, it seemed to come from the rack where I was being stretched beyond my wildest drams like a piece of chewing gum.


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