Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Rest

Weekends are getting goofy.  Too many projects between Saturday and Sunday:

To get the shifting adjusted on the Vespa, you've got to mess with the cables from inside the handle bars.  Jesse's all over it:

Meanwhile, I'm pulling stuff around the gear box, while assured I'm not balding:

Not nearly the progress I expected on the vespa.  I think it's time to learn what all the switches on the handle bars to.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.  And could use 7 hours of my life back.

Meanwhile, at the Land of Misfit Toys (Mr.T's place):

Nothing's really working right.  The Rambler needs a new head gasket so that it stops spitting oil all over the electrical components.  The transmission of the truck, the very thing that prompted the purchase of the Rambler, after a serious series of cost/benefit calculations, is now being dealt with.  Did you know that the absences of a transmission jack isn't a problem if you have a small floor jack and a skateboard?

Dropped it like an animal we're gonna eat.

Made enough space for me to do a sit-up behind the block so I could remove the bell housing:

It's a 10 inch clutch disc.  We could have finished the job (which I think we can do with relative ease), only this thing either had an 8 or 10 inch clutch disc, so we didn't know what to order until we got to this point. 

After transmission removal, in the bar's basement, it's Bloof Time

The crowd in the basement was about 20-strong.  The bouncer by the door?  Amazing writer.  I'll let you know all about that guy when he's ready to explode.  

My students have been reading Knox since Fall of '06.  They laughed.  They wept. They choked on their Rogue specials.  They doted.  It was everything they thought it would be and least two poets more, what with Shanna and Danielle....

Students are presenting poets this week.  I'm going to try to rest now.  


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