Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Because the Love is Unfadeable!

Maybe I plug them to you a little too often, but the love really doesn't stop flowing for and from San Diego.  Especially from the Sleeping Giant Crew.  Downloads are here.  They just gave me some hype on their blog, so all the B-folks are clicking over and saying, "Who the *beep* is this fool?!"  I'm just a guy who loves the sound of a scratching record.  And layered beats.  And instrumental tracks in unexpected loops.  

That doesn't mean you shouldn't also support ESA.  I know for a fact JoeMama's got some dope records!  I promise.

What do you listen to when you write?  When you create?  

Is it some Max Xiantu?  You can get his stuff for free now, don't cha know....

Shanna and Knox are blogging from the road. Dig!  They're going to be reading in my favorite campus bar on Sunday.  Did I mention love?


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