Monday, December 25, 2006

Dig Micah

I should have put this up a while ago, but check out Wicked West II: Abominations & Other Tales. One of the "other tales" is drawn by my favorite guy to watch movies with, Micah Farritor.

Merry Christmas and into the New Year.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm on vacation

...and so seem to be getting more done than I normally do, which seem kinda not-right, but I don't care about being right.

I felt like stopping off at the local B&N (here in Wellington, FL) to look at literary mags (really to look and see if the latest issue of
NINTH LETTER was on their shelf). I was kidda blown to see that the ONLY lit mag they had on the 5 double-sided magazine racks was POETRY. I bought the thing, just to increase the sales in the "Lit Mag" catagory of the store by 100% (they had 3 copies of it, which, I think, was what they were sent). Yikes.

Upon reading it, there's some neat stuff in it this month, including engravings by David Schorr . Also of note was an editoral by Christian Wiman that I really enjoyed AND! a good essay by Christian Pugh called "Humor Anxiety" that I was feeling. Ya see, Poetry + Laughing = My-kicked-ass.

But then there was a scathing review of Jennifer Michael Hecht's book FUNNY . But, don't listen to Brian Phillips--I loved the book, and the essay on humor afterwards...because I have a sense of humor about myself and poetry and enjoy old jokes and understanding why I laugh at them. Maybe Brian needs a hug & a Marx Bros. Marathon! Yeah.

Waiting in the mail for Ada Limón's THIS BIG FAKE WORLD ...

Friday, December 15, 2006


Thursday, December 7, 2006

New 9L

The new issue of Ninth Letter is out, and it's pretty hot. See new work by Joshua Poteat, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Lytton Smith and Michael Martone. Totally rebuilt website is gonna drop anytime now too, so keep that eye out. Peace.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Awesome Comics

I wanted to get these links up here for Micah Farritor, artist responsible for The Living and The Dead and Night Trippers. These are two of my favorite graphic novels, and Micah is a gentleman, a riot, easily moved, and quite the help in building the engine hoist (surely, photos to come!).

So, if you get an itch, click over to Amazon for "The Living and The Dead". Enjoy it. Help him feed is wife & bunny.

Friday, December 1, 2006

It begins

This seems like a good start:
Got myself a new book today,
Down Spooky by Shanna Compton. Pretty stoked.

Also starting a collection of car parts because I'm removing my own engine to change the release bearing. Ha cha cha. I think I'm going to send the old broken parts I change to Max to re-engineer into music.
Behold, the HOIST! (it's doubling as a bike rack!)

New Issue of Ninth Letter is coming very very soon, and looks HOT!


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