Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm on vacation

...and so seem to be getting more done than I normally do, which seem kinda not-right, but I don't care about being right.

I felt like stopping off at the local B&N (here in Wellington, FL) to look at literary mags (really to look and see if the latest issue of NINTH LETTER was on their shelf). I was kidda blown to see that the ONLY lit mag they had on the 5 double-sided magazine racks was POETRY. I bought the thing, just to increase the sales in the "Lit Mag" catagory of the store by 100% (they had 3 copies of it, which, I think, was what they were sent). Yikes.

Upon reading it, there's some neat stuff in it this month, including engravings by David Schorr . Also of note was an editoral by Christian Wiman that I really enjoyed AND! a good essay by Christian Pugh called "Humor Anxiety" that I was feeling. Ya see, Poetry + Laughing = My-kicked-ass.

But then there was a scathing review of Jennifer Michael Hecht's book FUNNY . But, don't listen to Brian Phillips--I loved the book, and the essay on humor afterwards...because I have a sense of humor about myself and poetry and enjoy old jokes and understanding why I laugh at them. Maybe Brian needs a hug & a Marx Bros. Marathon! Yeah.

Waiting in the mail for Ada Limón's THIS BIG FAKE WORLD ...


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