Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoping to Warm It Up a Bit

Reb Livingston is breaking it down over at her blog.  From the view off my homie's couch, I see exactly what she's saying and only wish I could subscribe to a print journal or buy more books right now.  If you've got the scratch, maybe check out Iron Horse Review for some work this issue by Roy Kesey, and keep that subscription to read poetry by Matthew Minicucci, coming soon.

If you can spare for a book, Steve Schroeder's Torched Verse Ends is now available.  

Max Xiantu's redesigned his site.  If you're a DJ using Serato, definitely download it, and find where it'll go in your set.  I hear he mixes solid with the Everly Brothers.

When I hit my storage unit, I like to swap stuff out of my milk crates of books. Here's a little something from Louis Jenkins' North of the Cities:


I used to have a girlfriend named Jane Kieffer, from San Diego.  She was beautiful and she was a chameleon.  She could appear to be a small waif-like blond or a tall redhead, to suit her whim, or mine.  She would change her style, her look, her demeanor, almost instantly it seemed.  She could be sophisticated or earthly, depending my momentary needs, and the surroundings.  She was fantastic, great at parties and when we were alone.  She always knew just the right moves.  The trouble was I didn't know what I wanted.  It seemed, as a couple, we lacked any focus, any stability.  She began to anticipate my moods and change in advance.  It drove me crazy.  "Who are you, why are you like this?" I asked.  She said she was born in the sea and that she had no soul.  "What about me?" "You have none either," she said.  I was often angry and she would cry, or worse, sit impassively and say nothing, blending into the background.  One day I pulled on my pants and said, "That's it.  I'm leaving." I never saw her again--or else we got married and raised a family.  I'm not sure. 


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