Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Deadline

A message from Mike at Slurve:

This is going out to all my favorite poetry people, or the ones whose
addresses I could find anyway.  We've got two special issues coming up
January 20 and March 5. January 20 is centered around inauguration, and
March 5 is around the World Baseball Classic.  I know this is a bit short
notice for the first one at least, but anyone who has anything or is
inspired by any sort of political happenings or knows anyone would be
interested in this please, send me stuff.  I would need it by January 17.

For the March 5th issue, we are looking for translation, and poems about
experiences in foreign places, ideally while living there.  Deadline for
these is February 27.

His email is commish(at)Slurve(dot)com


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