Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Much To Do


Some poems up at Slurve Mag.  The baseball card bios make me smile, and I'm a fan of Previous and Next buttons so there's the sense of page turning.  A fun journal I'd love for you to check out.

No Tell is having a special. Dig.

Ted Sanders is in the new issue of the Cincinnati Review.  It's amazing, and I hope you read it.

Please PLEASE get over to the RainTaxi Benefit Auction on ebay.  They have an impressive amount of impressive signed things. And a scarf I've been eyeing.  There's gonna be a battle for the Chris Abani works.

Moving on:
I'm in San Diego...again.  This time, I'm staying.  
I did 3 day of driving from West Palm to get here, two of them being around 15 hour days.  Lots of meditation gets done.  I was thinking of how I lived here when I'd just started writing, and again when I was finished with undergrad.  I left to go to grad school, but promised myself I'd come back after the MFA. 

I'd been putting it off for various reasons until now.  I don't regret the last 6 months, and they're not worth dwelling over.  Just didn't go down how I'd have liked.  What hit me--somewhere in the 880 miles of Texas on the 10--is how often people say they'll do things and don't.  They don't keep their word to others, which is often explainable, understandable and forgiven; they don't keep the word to themselves, and forgiving one's self self seems to be much more difficult.  

My thinking was that I'd be happy anyplace, so long as I was working and had a little room to work on various small vehicles.  That may or may not be true.  I know, and I think the wonderful people I've met and have grown to love over the last 5 years know, that I've never been happier than when I lived out here.  Please be in touch, and know you'll have a couch once I get get a couch...or a whole room if I'm lucky.

It's chilly and raining here today.  If you're somewhere cold, please keep warm.  
This morning I love you all, just like I love this frog, who slapped down on this car right in front of me the other night:

Good morning.


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