Thursday, December 18, 2008

For all you Art Lovers out there

Ms. Sunday, the only person I let near my skin with a machine full of ink, has recently updated her portfolio over at

If you're on Long Island and need to cover that old faded out kanji (the one someone told you meant "passion" but really translates to "penguin") or if you're looking to get done for the first time, please consider booking an appointment with her at Lark Tattoo in Westbury.  

*An Update in response to a comment from "poetryguy":

A couple of points, once again treating your anonymous aggressions as constructive commentary: 
I would have written "gun," but was recently schooled by Mr. DJ Robinson of Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Merrick, NY about the point that guns harm people, where machines perform necessary tasks. So, yes, Tattoo Machine full of ink. In addition, if one chooses to get a tattoo, it's important to have an artist they can trust; one who is both interested and excited about the art you intend to permanently display for the remainder of your days. I have 4 tattoos of significant sizes, and am proud that I can count on Sunday at Lark to take my appointments. Because I believe in her integrity and skill as an artist, as well as enjoy her general presence, I hope others can turn to her for their body art.
It's good to have a tattoo artist you can turn to if you want to expand on a previous piece, or need a touch up. Some fly-by-night needle wielder won't be there to maintain the piece, and a healthy cross-section of artists aren't comfortable sticking around other people's art. Understandably so. A musician doesn't do a remix and claim it as original work; conservators don't restore a painting and put it up at their own gallery show; poets don't embrace the work they've attentively workshopped for their peers in their own manuscripts.  

My condolences if you've been butchered by some flash-artless hack. If that's the case, consider hopping the LIRR to Westbury and talk to Sunday. She does wonders with the cover-up.
Always a pleasure, fanboy.


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