Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Funnies

The Jets destroyed the Titan's undefeated status.  Woot!  

Jennifer Michael Hecht had a poem from Funny up at the Writer's Almanac today.  If you can, read it, and maybe wish her a happy birthday.  I love her work.  I just wish she'd read in a town near me...though it would help if I'd stop moving around so much.

Max's normally fantastic blog did something new today.  Made me chuckle a lot.  That counts too.

That's Sunday, baby.
I'm hoping blogging at a more regular pace resumes when I have a window near a desk I'm using.  This is not nearly as far away as it seems.  Stay tuned for a new place, new tools, finished projects, and some links to poems coming out when those editors feel like it.  

Which reminds me...Slurve Magazine's taking submissions.  I like them.  As it happens, they like me.  Maybe you can send some stuff in, then when I chill with them, I can call you and we can all chill together.  


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