Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Long Day of City

If you celebrate via gear, Justin Bua's still got Obama shirts.  If today ain't your day, sorry.  I don't know any artists making McCain art at the moment.  But I'll keep an eye open for it.  

Greg tipped us off to the Milton Exhibition at the Morgan last month, and I finally got to take it in yesterday.  Small, but pretty fantastic, including original editions of the 10 book version, and a later copy of the 12.  Also on display is a small watercolor by Blake.  Absolutely worth heading there for, but I was more blown away by Morgan's study--could you write in walls lined by red sink?  Thanks, Greg!

When a greasy spoon dies and goes to Heaven, I believe it becomes a counter in Grand Central's Oyster Bar.  Totally worth the atmosphere.  Courtesy of brother Roger Aplon.  

All kinds of new Mixtapes and sounds at Sleeping Giant Music.  Enough to force me to set up the backup hard drive.  I love these maniacs.  


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