Monday, July 28, 2008

Around the neighborhood

I've been doing a lot of wandering around, building a map of the town in my head, and taking note of some of the interesting landmarks.  Here's one:

A little hut on the sidewalk, with a bunch of little trinkets inside.  Very adorable.  Looking at it, I immediately felt at home, considering my new apt isn't much bigger than that hollowed out stump.  

Meanwhile, got some good news from Anti- today.  More on that when it comes.

There're a couple of pretty great commercial-free stations, WSKG and WICB,  to listen to while sitting on the porch:

That's the story. 

How're you doing where you're at?

Last thing: 
I was in one of the used book stores, and found an Iowa Review from 2003.  Had a poem of Ada Limón's.  You can find it in her first book, lucky wreck.  

The Lessing Table

The dinner table was too small
and that was obvious.
We had to buy smaller forks,
smaller chairs, stop talking.

You took the saltshakers
off, I decided I'd only make
soft foods so we wouldn't have
to use knives anymore.

It kept on shrinking for days,
the butter taking over the dinner
plates, the green beans looking
longer and mean,

until it was just a thin slip
passed between us, a note
on blue-lined binder paper
in number two pencil:

Make the train wheels lock.
Make the mobile stop.
Do something, do something.


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