Monday, July 7, 2008

After Lightening All Night


Adam Clay's up at Verse Daily.  Take it in, along with his freshly-painted house.

Just back from spending a weekend in Madison.  Nice place. I neglected to get a cheese hat.  Or any cheese for that matter.  I did, however, watch the ol' Disney Robin Hood, and it holds up, for sure.  Also got to see the latest work by Micah, of White Picket Fences-fame.  

We also had a good talk about intention and art-making.  Maybe he'll jot some things down and send it to BOR.  

Reb was posting about it, and you can find her, Jennifer Knox, and others in the latest Spooky Boyfriend.  

Meanwhile, I'm heading out of town sooner rather than later.  Of course, I move every year or so, but this time it's "back east."  The Vespa project is on hold until I get to the new place.  More on that as it comes.  Stay tuned for the move.  The shake.


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