Monday, June 15, 2009

Slow days

I assume the few of you who read my blog also read the blogs I read--mostly they're off to the right. I could be mistaken.

If I am, here's something from Steve Schroeder--he also happens to be the editor of Anti-. They happen to have a poem just up by Sara Tracey, which I like a whole lot.

Hate-mail makes my stomach hurt, even when directed at someone else. The aggression that goes into sentiments like that in any medium, I can't help but feel, is best avoided. It's what keeps me from writing most reviews--even books I love, where the fault of a collection has nothing to do with the poetry, or the poet, or anything other than a choice by the publisher or some other post-creation entity, perhaps....

Confession: I love Lytton Smith's book, The All-Purpose Magical Tent. It's one of my top 5 favorite books I've read in years. I tried to tell you about it at No Tell. I loved his work when we took it for Ninth Letter a few years back. Terrance Hayes picked it, and I love him for picking it. The only think that I don't like is the Forward by Hayes, and only because it's simply a page and a half long blurb. I mean, I know he liked it, but just wish the forward had something deeper about poetry as a whole that he found in the book; something detailed/profound about how Smith exhibits some core value in poetry in a way that nobody's done know what I mean?

But that's my critique. And it's only my opinion. Hayes is a wonderful poet, and I've enjoyed his work on paper and at a reading. And, again, I love him for holding up Smith's book.


Sorry it's been quiet.
I'll try and pick up the pace, keep you more in the loop.


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