Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Typewriters!

It's the birthday of the patent of the typewriter.

I might have to pick up some ribbons today, one for each machine. I don't want any one getting jealous of the others.


Amy Guth's next big thing is happening. Click, Chicago. The rest of you too, if you want. I gave Ms.Guth a typewriter once. In fact, I might have given you a typewriter once.

And here's a paste from Wave Books. I'd considering hitting this up if the job wasn't sending me to the Midwest on the dates:

Greetings from Seattle. We are writing to you with the news of a
special THREE-DAY POETRY EVENT coming from Wave Books this August. In
association with the Henry Art Gallery at the University of
Washington, Wave Books is organizing and hosting three days of
poetry, August 14th through 16th, featuring film screenings, a book
arts presentation, art exhibitions, local bookstore discounts, and
readings by Wave authors, in both the Henry Auditorium and the James
Turrell Skyspace.

THE WEEKEND IS LIMITED TO 150 TICKETS, so if you are interested in
attending the event, we encourage you to register as soon as you can!
Full information is available on the Wave Books website here:
http://www.wavepoetry.com/catalog/79. Please pass this information on
to those who you think might be interested.

TICKETS GRANT YOU ACCESS TO: READINGS both large and small, by a
featured line-up of Wave authors -- including Joshua Beckman, Noelle
Kocot, Dorothea Lasky, Anthony McCann, Richard Meier, Eileen Myles,
Maggie Nelson, Geoffrey Nutter, Matthew Rohrer, Mary Ruefle, Dara
Wier, Jon Woodward, Matthew Zapruder and Rachel Zucker; SCREENINGS OF
RARE FILMS starring John Ashbery, Robin Blaser, Denise Levertov, Frank
O'Hara, James Schuyler, and others; poetry book DISCOUNTS at
participating local, independent bookstores; a BOOK ARTS PRESENTATION
by Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts and Rare Book Curator; and the Henry Art
Gallery and EXHIBITIONS, including exhibitions of work by Chio
Aoshima, Jasper Johns, Ann Lislegaard; new video from China; and
photographic work by Imogen Cunningham, Nan Goldin, Aleksandr
Rodchenko, and others, from the Henry's permanent collection.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE for $100/$75 for students. You can purchase
directly online, or by mailing a check to Wave Books, 1938 Fairview
Avenue East, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98102. For complete event
details, and to purchase tickets, visit:

We hope you will join us for this exciting event. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Wave Books at:
wavepoetryweekend@gmail.com. Thank you very much, and we hope to see
you in August.

Wave Books

1938 Fairview Avenue East, Suite 201
Seattle, Washington 98102


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