Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tech Highs and Lows

Max is weighing in a disappointment with his technology. I understand, and if my own processes depended on speed, I'd be right there with him.  As it stands, I still collect manual typewriters, so I'm moving a bit in the opposite direction.

In that respect, quick tip for Vespa owners:

If you carry around the 2% Oil Mix Cup and are tired of having to stuff it with rags, or keep it in a sloppy bag where all the 2-stroke oil residue gets all over, a Number 10 Rubber Stopper is a perfect fit.  One could also be acquired in your local High School Chemistry lab...school taxes at work.

(The beautiful housing for the Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park, San Diego)

Just sayin'.  Liberty, NY, have you voted for Vespa yet?


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