Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More from way up here

Behold, more of Ithaca's landscape.  This is really just a street, but I'm pretty sure, when the snow starts to fall, I'll be resisting the urge to push a little snow ball down one of these strips.  You've all seen those cartoons.  Moving on....

I was kinda stoked, now that I'm back in New York, for the chance to be able to apply for a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts.  I mean, former winners include...a whole bunch of writers we probably all know about (a couple have definitely been promoted here like what!?).  Unfortunately, one of the first rules is that one must have been a NYS Resident for the last 2 years.  I didn't mean to give it up, you see, but had to get the IL DL for the Motorcycle license.  Oh well.  If you happen to be in NY, and have been for the last two years, they're giving fellowships for a whole bunch of stuff, like Film (Manny Nomikos) and I'm sure they can fit tattooing under Drawing or Interdisciplinary Work (for Ms. Sunday at Lark).  

Speaking of awards, I learned from Eduardo's blog, bouncing to Steve Schroeder's, that both Adam Clay and Heather Salus are up for Best of the Net awards.  I'm kinda with Eduardo in that I'm not sure what they mean, but I know some writers I really dig have been finalists, though the site doesn't seem to list any "winners."  But Adam's one of my favorite writers, and Heather's a pretty kind and interesting person whose poems I'd love to read a bunch more than I've gotten to.  Besides, it just adds to the good fortune that's befallen a number of the UIUC MFAs recently--Jaime on the Ruth Lilly 45, Lillian over at Breadloaf, Andrew Ervin's new gig.  

Any time now I'm expecting the respective Reading Series' at Cornell, Binghamton, Syracuse and Rochester to get listed.  I hear Simic's coming to town in the fall.  If you'll be coming through the neighborhood soon, let me know, and I'd love to get out and give a listen.


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