Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Making Up for the Lost Weekend

There were books that I should have picked up at AWP that totally slipped my mind. I spend a lovely little sliver of yesterday fixing that. In the mail, expect:

The Wind-Up Gods by Stefi Weisburd

A Gathering of Matter/ A Matter of Gathering by Dawn Lundy Martin

Instrumentality by Ravi Shankar

Meanwhile, check out the new shiny petcock for the cb650:

Yes. Brand new. Will not leak. I will cherish this little bastard the whole riding season long. The search all the parts to put my bike back together is over. AND I got enough for the old tank on ebay to cover the dough I dropped on the new tank. Of course, I used that money to pick up the above books, but still.

And now, I'm going to tell you a little secret: I rock-rocked a phone interview for a job yesterday. The old "leave 'em laughing" bit? Works on a committee over speaker phone too. Who knew?

Did you also know that Ada's a podsnack? Adding the word "snack" make it sound adorable. The music helps too. And, well, it's Ada.

Remember how I said I had to drive fast in the fog home? If you don't, look down. Well, I'm sitting around here last night, listening to the radio and eating stuffed grape leaves, when I get a call from American Airlines. Every flight between Monday at 11:30 am until then had been canceled. Then an operator came on, and told me they'd refund something like $45 because I didn't use the last bit of the ticket. Ain't that nice of them? To have the computer call? To give me some dough?

Meanwhile, last night was the first time I ever heard the Emergency Broadcast System actually used. It was raining hard and windy, and they used it. 27 years of that buzz and build-up, and that's how they finally use it. Anticlimactic. Indeed.

Back to work!


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