Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back Home

I'm back in Urbana, sipping tea and hoping I'm recovered from a fever by tomorrow. Some bits from NY:

They changed the big board in Penn Station while I was gone to this digital thing. It's pretty and all, but you don't hear the slapping sounds of the plates changing when new information comes up. So, not only is everyone just standing there in a giant mob, but they all have to keep their heads tilted upwards. But it looks nice.

When I say sandwiches, this is what I mean:

A Reuben from Boswell's on Oak St. in Hempstead

Chicken Parm from Pizza Kings in East Meadow (Not the best around, but not bad either. I should have gone to Mananaro's--hands-down the best Veal Parm I've ever eaten.

Saw K-dub for a minute. She's very proud of her new hair cut.

It's nice to be home. This is the view out my patio door:

I know I should have better photos, but I'm really bad at keeping my camera handy. Forgive me. I'm gonna go try to stop being sick now.


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