Thursday, July 2, 2009

From Hobart

Thought there's a dollar store across the street, they don't have San Diego on the featherproof/Dollar Store Super Summer Tour. Still, take a second to read a message from the Burch:

Happy July, all!

We've got a lot to announce this month, but will try to be as brief
as possible. And with that, and with it being summertime and all,
here's just a little somethin' to break the monotony...


The July HOBART is live now, with new stories from Damian Dressick,
Baird Harper, Stephen Graham Jones, and Jessica Piazza, and an
interview with Larry Fondation by Brian Allen Carr.


HOBART #10 is done and will be shipped to subscribers and preorders
by the middle of the month, as soon as we return from The Dollar
Store Summer Tour of Awesomeness.

Everyone who hasn't already, please order the issue or a
subscription now, so we have a couple extra dollars to be able to
tour with!


Starting this Friday, I will be a part of the featherproof/Dollar
Store Super Summer Tour. Lots more info on the site, but if you live
anywhere near one of these towns, come check us out!

Nashville - Friday, July 3rd
Austin - Sunday, July 5th
Houston - Monday, July 6th
New Orleans - Tuesday, July 7th
Atlanta - Thursday, July 9th
Baltimore - Saturday, July 11th
New York - Sunday, July 12th
Philadelphia - Monday, July 13th
Boston - Tuesday, July 14th
Albany - Wednesday, July 15th
Ann Arbor - Thursday, July 16th

Also, for those on the west coast, I will be coming out that way
with Mary Miller later this summer (more details on this to come):

Seattle - Wednesday, August 5th
Portland - Thursday, August 6th
San Francisco - Saturday, August 8th
Los Angeles - Monday, August 10th

Finally, a quick announcement about some editorial changes around
here with team Hobart. Unfortunately, this month's Hobart will be
Matt Bell's last as part of the web editing team. He has been
announced as the editor of Dzanc's new online literary journal
venture, The Collagist (, and we will
obviously miss him but are excited to see what happens at his new
digs. And, with his exit, we bring a new awesome person aboard:
Andrea Kneeland! So, everyone wish Matt the best and be nice to

Lots and lots of summertime thanks, all.

PO BOX 1658
Ann Arbor, MI 48106


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