Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back Home

Hello everyone.  I'm back in San Diego after damn near two weeks in the Midwest.  The Mississippi River is beautiful, even if small sections of it smell like dog food because of processing plants doing what they do on the banks.  But I got to see my homies in Urbana.  If I had to leave San Diego, I could live in Urbana for the rest of my life.  I think.  

Meanwhile, things that should be shared:

The Pilcrow Lit Fest just happened.  Catch up at their Blog.  

I have two poems in the latest Gander Press Review.  

Need a business card?  Like salted meat?  Who says you can't have both.  Dig Meat Cards!
And here's a happy little story about them: Right here.  

On the list of Top 100 Poetry Blogs, I come in at 34,567,002.  But Ada Limon's on there, and C. Dale Young is so nice they named him twice!  Lots of good people and good resources listed over there.  

Again, sorry for the absence.  


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