Monday, May 12, 2008

Floating Around

Dig a poem From Danielle Pafunda's My Zorba over at Verse Daily today.  

New tires for the MG today.  And the latest "last of the vespa parts" should arrive too.  Looking forward to looking forward to that. 

I found this blog the other day, and it's kinda neat.  It seems to be an Engadget for environmentalist drivers.  This is the site where, if you look around, you can find the awesome people who mess with hybrids by installing lithium ion batteries and plugs and don't burn a drop of fuel for 60 miles, only to then get 128 mpg as they take long trips. Right?  Yeah.

By the by, last week was graduation.  I think I'm officially MFA-ed now.  And definitely unemployed for the next few minutes.  I think I'm gonna be come a locksmith.


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