Friday, May 16, 2008

Awareness & Productivity

Though I'm now officially unemployed, every day seems unavoidably fully of things that are getting done.  Yesterday, it was moving the crystalized honey from the little plastic bear to a jar so it could be heated/de-crystalized. See:

(the neck was too small for a useful scooping device, so, yeah, the head had to go.)

Also on the menu was replacing the rear braka cylinder.  It went bad last year, and was dealt with among other things.  This time, rather than rebuilding the old one because of a mis-match of threads between the brakeline and the cylinder, the replacement that came happened to fit.  Here's the little angry beast:

Even though I did this with pop last year, I got a pretty neat little refresher from John Twist via his youtube posts from his shop.  I really wish a dope Vespa shop was doing similar clips to help me with that project--which is on hold until I'm hired somewhere.  Maybe.  I don't know.  I had an itch today to take that whole thing apart today to put in a new quadrant.  Plus, having it not-done is making me leave tools in the garage that should be in the back of my car.  

Lovely distractions.  
What do you do when summer starts?  


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